Welcome to my website. I am full-stack PHP developer, working with Magento 2, Laravel and WordPress

Expert Knowledge and years of expereince

I can help with

Magento Development

Full Stack Certified Magento developer, 5 year experience. I develop custom extension and themes.

Laravel Development

Custom PHP Laravel application (Dashboard, API, Order management systems) using VueJs or ReactJs. Support existing application

WordPress development

Custom Theme and plugin development from scratch. I can support and maintain existing WP sites.

Woocommerce development

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Cloud server managment

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As a web developer, I have a deep passion for all things technology and computers. The fast-paced and ever-evolving nature of the tech industry is what keeps me motivated and engaged in my work.

I have been working as a web developer for several years, and in that time I have gained a wealth of experience in various programming languages and web development frameworks. I am particularly skilled in HTML, CSS (Sass, css3, bootstrap, tailwind), JavaScript (React, Vue), and PHP, and have also worked with a variety of content management systems, such as Magento, WordPress and Drupal and PHP frameworks such as Laravel.

One of the things I love most about being a web developer is the ability to create and build beautiful and functional e-commerce websites and web applications. I take great pride in my work, and I am always striving to improve my skills and stay up-to-date with the latest web development trends and technologies.

In addition to my technical skills, I also possess strong problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. I am a quick learner and am always looking for new challenges to take on. I enjoy working in a team environment, and I am a strong communicator and collaborator.

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