Ways To Speed Up WordPress WooCommerce Performance And Speed

Ways To Speed Up WordPress WooCommerce Performance And Speed

Having a fast website is super important if you are looking to build a successful online business. People hate to wait, and if your website takes too long to load a new page or display information, then people are going to leave. In fact, according to research, a website that takes more than 3 seconds […]

How To Optimize Images On Your WordPress Website

A WordPress website that is all text and no images can get pretty boring for your readers. You need rich hi-res media content to engage and captivate your audience or else the bounce rate will go through the roof. But with that being said, media content, even your basic images, are very large in size. […]

Vertical Centering an Image

Recently I had to vertically center an image, I tried all the css tricks. Making wrapper div as table and then inner div as table-cell with css property vertical-align:center. On the other side it’s very easy to do with JQuery. <div class=”image_wrapper”> <img src=”” alt=”” class=”my_image”/> </div>   jQuery $(window).load(function(){ //get the height of the […]

Improve WordPress Page Loading Time & Overall Site Optimization

Your WordPress website needs to load fast. Faster websites keep visitors engaged. The difference between waiting 2 seconds and 5 seconds for a website to load is substantial. Google’s rankings are based partly on your  site speed and users are known to quickly leave a site if it loads in 5 seconds or more. WordPress speed optimization […]

Improve WordPress Security: 25 Essential Plugins + Tips

If you are running a WordPress-powered website, its security should be your primary concern. In most cases, WordPress blogs are compromised because their core files and/or plugin are outdated; outdated files are traceable and it’s an open invitation to hackers. Plugins For Better Security WP DB Backup WP DB Backup is an easy to use […]

20 Helpful WordPress SQL Queries Snippets

There are endless reasons for editing the WordPress database, but there are always those SQL queries that are needed more than the rest. And that is what we have for you today. Always Backup WordPress First Your WordPress database stores every single one of your carefully written posts, every comment from your loyal readers and […]

20 Snippets and Hacks to Make WordPress User-Friendly for your Clients

The snippets below will allow you to control almost all aspects of WordPress` Admin area and customize it to benefit your clients level of tech comfort. Disabling Plugin Deactivation This snippet is particularly useful if you have given a client plugin activation/deactivation privileges (allowing them to add new plugins themselves), but the site you have […]

10 WordPress Plugins to Help Optimize Performance

WordPress has some really good plugins that can make a site load much faster, here are some  that will aid in improving and optimising your sites performance. WP file Cache This plugin implements object level persistent caching and can be used instead of the built in WordPress WP_Object_Cache. It will also aid in significantly reducing […]